Throne of Thunder!

I’d been stuck at an ilvl of 470-478 for the past several days, which prevented me from doing Throne of Thunder LFR (minimum ilvl 480). Tonight I ran the first half of Mogu’shan Vaults and didn’t get a single drop, even using Mogu Runes of Fate for extra rolls. I was annoyed, since I was now saved to all available raid content.

Then, I had an inspiration: I bought a Golden Lotus rep ring, Simple Harmonius Ring, even though it couldn’t be equipped (I already have Leven’s Circle of Hope in that set). Just having the second ring in my bag, though, put me over 480.

All well and good, but I’ve now “wasted” 625 valor points on a ring I can’t wear. It would be slighly useful for offspec DPS, but I have all the stats I need there for doing dailies and scenarios.

Fortunately, now that I’m 480 I can LFR for Throne of Thunder, where ilvl 502 gear drops. Into the troll mines I go! Fortunately, the drop gods were very kind to me:

Once I got both drops, I hopped back to the Golden Lotus quartermaster (still within the 2hr cooldown) and sold back the unneeded ring to get my Valor Points back. Still 480, sweet!

I have two bosses left in ToT for the weekend, then I’m done raiding until Tuesday when things reset.