A productive few WoW days

Been spending a bunch of time playing WoW again. My priest is now 90 and geared enough through heroics to start doing LFR raid content. It’s been fun, but a serious drain on my sleep since I’ve been raiding until 1am or later every night. The only downside: take everything you hate about 5-man PUG instances and multiply it 5x. That’s a good description of an LFR run.

Since first getting into Mogu’shan Vaults and Heart of Fear over the weekend, I’ve basically replaced my entire gear set with purples and seriously upped my healing. Managed to get my ilvl up to 470 on Tuesday so I could start doing Terrace of Endless Spring as well. Still need about 4 more points before I can start running Throne of Thunder LFR.

The new hotness:

Plus some new reputation and AH gear

Along with some raid gear that’s been replaced already:

All in all, a very “productive” week. I’m also slowly grinding up Golden Lotus and Operation Shieldwall rep for some additional upgrades. It’s taking a while. I did finally hit Honored with Wrathion, so now I just need to collect enough Sigil of Wisdom and Sigil of Power drops to finish the questline and get my Crystalized Horror legendary gem.