Restarting CCIE Security

Now that the major CCIE training vendors have released updates covering the new CCIE Security 3.0 blueprint topics, I’ve decided to restart my preparations for the exam. My current goal is to sit the lab exam on October 1 in RTP.

I’ll be using a mix of both IPexpert and InternetworkExpert materials for my preparation.  Both vendors’ new technology-focused lab releases look terrific.  Hopefully, by the time I work through them they’ll have some updated 8-hour full mock labs available.

For the most part, I’ll be relying on Dynamips for lab work, since now that the VPN 3000 is no longer in the lab everything except for the switches can be simulated.  I’ll have to rent some rack time to review the switch-based security stuff from R&S, but for the most part I’m not worried there.