CCIE Prep, Catching Up Again

Real-life and work have continued to intrude on my preparation hours, but hopefully that’s about to change.  I now have the beginnings of a week-by-week strategy for labs and other prep tasks with enough slack to adjust for unexpected things popping up.

Haven’t done much lab work at all, but I have managed to get some reading done along with reviewing some video-on-demand:

Ongoing Reading:  QoS Exam Certification Guide (Odom)

Ad Hoc Reading:  Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 (Doyle):  RIP, EIGRP

Video Lectures:  IPExpert EIGRP, RIP, IP Services, TCL, Access Lists

Assuming things go according to plan, this week and next will be spent working through the Narbik technology labs and (depending on time) some of the InternetworkExpert v5 labs.  Planning to use Dynamips for 100% of this, except for the switching stuff.  Will probably do at least one rack rental either next weekend or the weekend after to catch up on those.