CCIE Day 3-6Catching Up

Catching up a bit from the weekend.  Didn’t get much done on Friday or Sunday, other than a bit of reading, due to other commitments.  However, on Saturday I did a 4-hour rack rental with and a second 8-hour rental with IPExpert.  The CCIE2Be session was spent working on the IEv5 Workbook #1 bridging and switching content.  Ended up going about halfway through.  For the IPExpert session, I re-did the first half of their Switching focus lab, concentrating on speed and not making stupid oversights.  Went pretty well.

Last night I tackled the first half of the IEv5 frame relay lab, using my Dynamips lab setup.  Went very well, and the virtual setup seems to work well so far.  We’ll see how it goes when I get to more involved labs, but if it continues to go as well as the frame stuff did, my rack costs should go down quite a bit.  As far as the content, I had a bit of trouble with back-to-back frame relay and some of the more non-standard Inverse-ARP scenarios, but after re-watching the IE frame relay class-on-demand I now feel comfortable with those as well.

Tonight I’ll be finishing up the IE frame relay lab and probably hitting the IPExpert version.  I may spend a bit of time getting my Dynamips lab working with the IE initial configs (updating interface names and the like).  My Narbik workbooks should arrive tomorrow and I’ll be hitting his FR labs then.  After that, it’s on to IP!