CCIE Prep, Day 2IPExpert Vol. 1, Sec. 1-2

Tonight was my first real practice session using the ProctorLabs rack rentals and IPExpert’s workbook 1.  Overall, it went well, and I was quite impressed with both products, although I ran into a couple of minor headaches:

In terms of the labs themselves, I did fairly well although I’m not quite at the level of concentration I’ll need to be at for the real exam.  I found myself getting distracted and making simple mistakes that would have resulted in dropping quite a few points on the exam.  I’m sure this will improve as time goes on.  Some specific things I stumbled on:

In general, I think it went well for a first practice session.  I was hoping to supplement the IPExpert lab with the new InternetworkExpert v5 Bridging/Switching labs, but unfortunately GradedLabs seems to be booked solid all weekend and all next week.  Looks like I’ll have to hit some content I can practice under Dynamips.

I think tomorrow I’m going to spend some time going back through the STP and Catalyst security CODs and do some DocCD review and read the BCMSN study guide a bit.  I still need to hit the IPExpert MST and Rapid-PVST labs, but those are areas I’m definitely weaker in so I want to get some book knowledge in my head first.