CCIE Lab Prep, Day 1

Rebooting my prep days since I’m now preparing for the lab instead of the written.

Last night I watched the InternetworkExpert class-on-demand sections for Ethernet Switching, VTP, Layer 3 Switching and EtherChannel, and parts of Spanning Tree.  I had watched all of them before so it was mostly a review.

Tonight is my first IPExpert/ProctorLabs rack session, in which my goal is to finish sections 1-2 of Workbook 1 (general setup and PVST+).  I need to do quite a bit of studying on MST and Rapid-PVST before diving into those sections.  The workbook suggests 5 hours as an estimated time-to-complete for sections 1-2, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m hoping my Narbik workbooks show up fairly soon so that I can stay consistent between the IPExpert labs and the Narbik labs.  I want to try to maximize my learning on each technology section during the first phase of my prep so that I’m as ready as possible when starting the actual lab scenarios.