AppleScript to telnet to a remote host via a bastion

AppleScript to SSH to my bastion host, then telnet to a remote host. Works best if you have RSA/DSA public-key authentication and an ssh-agent configured. Could probably use some better error handling.

set myBastion to ""

tell application "iTerm"

  display dialog "Enter hostname:" default answer "none"
  set theResult to result
  set theHost to text returned of theResult

  set aTerm to (current terminal)

  if (count of terminal) = 0 then
    set aTerm to (make new terminal)
  end if

  tell aTerm
    set aSession to (make new session at end of sessions)

    tell aSession
      set name to theHost
      exec command "ssh -t " & myBastion & " telnet " & theHost
    end tell
  snd tell

end tell