CCIE R&S Prep, Day 4

**What I Did:

Great coverage of STP by Brian McG. I especially liked the detailed examples of path manipulation, showing the effects of changing local cost and port priority on the upstream and downstream switches’ root port selection. Interestingly, he didn’t really cover the designated port selection process, probably because he was working from the IE lab topology (a full mesh). IPExpert’s STP material used a basic “square” network, which made it much clearer how the DP was selected vs. the blocking ports.**

Received my paper copy of the Cisco Press exam guide, and started reading through the basic Ethernet and L2 switching material. I still need to go back through and update my study outline based on the book material; right now it’s only based on the IE class lectures. Once I finish the Catalyst Security lectures, I’m basically done with the switching side of things, so that’ll be a good opportunity to update my notes before diving into layer 3.