CCIE R&S Prep, Day 3

Note: I’m going to number my “CCIE days” based on when I actually study, not on calendar days.

Received my printed IE workbooks in the mail yesterday, along with IPExpert’s “hard drive of fun” containing their VoD and audio content. My mountain of study materials continues to grow.

Ordered a paper copy of the Cisco Press R&S exam guide to be able to study offline when I just have to get away from the computer for a bit. Even with my Macbook Air, sometimes it’s just not convenient to read on a laptop.

What I Did:

This was a lot of review, as we do a large amount of both at work. Good review of PAgP vs. LACP, though, which we mostly don’t use.

Quite a contrast to IE’s class-on-demand, and only a 5-day format instead of 10, so it was a bit less in-depth. Touched on several new points, though, that weren’t covered by IE. My first impression is that I prefer the IE format where the slides or consoles stay on the screen full-time, vs. switching back and forth to Scott Morris’s smiling face. :-)_

Up Next: